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Research Interests

Chinese Economy, International Trade, Economic Development

Research Profile

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  1. Migrants and Firms: Evidence from China” (2022) with Clement Imbert, Marlon Seror and Yanos Zylberberg, American Economic Review, 112(6), 1885-1914. 

  2. Recent Productivity Trends in China: Evidence from Macro- and Firm-Level Data” (2022) with Loren Brandt, John Litwock, Elitza Mikva, Luhang Wang and Luan Zhao, China: An International Journal, 20(1), 93-113.

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  4. Do Multinationals Transfer Culture? Evidence on Female Employment in China” (2021) with Heiwai Tang, Journal of International Economics, 133, 103518.

  5. How Do Households Adjust to Tariff Liberalization: Evidence from China’s WTO Accession” (2021) with Mi Dai and Wei Huang, Journal of Development Economics, 150, 102628.

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  16. Judicial Quality, Contract Intensity and Trade: Firm Level Evidence from Developing and Transition Countries” (2010) with Baozhi Qu and Yue Ma, Journal of Comparative Economics, 38(2), 146-159.

  17. Do Chinese Domestic Firms Benefit from FDI Inflow? Evidence of Horizontal and Vertical Spillovers” (2009) with Ping Lin and Zhuomin Liu, China Economic Review, 20(4), 677-691.

  18. Productivity Growth and Convergence across China's Industrial Economy” (2008) with Gary Jefferson and Thomas Rawski, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 6(2), 120-141.

  19. “Local Government and Private Sector Development in China” (2006) in Shuming Bao, Shuanglin Lin and Changwen Zhao (ed.), Chinese Economy after WTO Accession, UK: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.

Working Papers
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